Project Description

Transport belt

Categorie: Handling

The Allround VP​ transport belts is designed to transport produce over longer distances. There are several variations of belts. Each variation is intended for a different purpose.

Types and Specifications

TC belt

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Trough belt


Web belt

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Intralox belt

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Tch belt

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Reverse switch

Many of the Allround VP transport belts are fitted with a reverse switch. This will create options in a processing line. The reverse switch can be placed on the belt, or in a central switch box, if applicable.


All transport belts need to be supported. This can be done in two ways. Allround VP offers legs under a transport belt, but belts can also be mounted on a machine. This differs per belt.

Stainless steel

Allround VP transport belts can be made from Stainless Steel, on demand.

Product sensor

Allround VP is able to offer different kinds of sensors for the product belts:
– A product sensor that stops the belt when no produce is on the belt
– A product sensor to control the product flow


In some cases it is needed that a belt can be moved. Allround VP fits wheels on the legs of a belt to make sure this is possible.

Frequency inverter

In some cases, it is needed that a product belt is able to run with different speeds. For this purpose, Allround VP offers frequency inverters on its belts.


Allround VP offers an optional ventitator at web belts to dry produce using air. This method of drying is mostly used for potatoes.