Project Description

Skin Separator

Skin separator

Categorie: Cleaning

The Allround VP skin separator is designed to remove floating pieces from the produce. This could be for example loose pieces of skin or branches and leafs. The machine works on the principle that the produce is heavier than the pieces that are to be taken out, and are therefore separated from each other. The separation is made by a floating waste outlet.

Furthermore, there is a cleaning hatch at the bottom of the machine, that can be opened and closed when needed. This cleans the machine from any dirt that has sunk to the bottom of the machine.

The product is transported out of the machine with a web belt with rubber cleats. This ensures a minimum of water loss in the machine.

Types and Specifications

SK 100

Length water bin 4000 mm
Total length 4800 mm
Width belt 1000 mm
Height 2000 mm

SK 160

Length water bin 5000 mm
Total length 6200 mm
Width belt 1600 mm
Height  2100 mm
No Drawing

SKD 100

Length water bin 5190 mm
Total length 6200 mm
Width belt 1000 mm
Height 2025 mm


Zinc machine

Stainless steel machine

Platform with stairs at the side

To speed up the process of separation between dirt and produce, Allround VP offers a dirt mill, which transports the dirt to the outlet of the machine.

Water level adjustment

Optional for SKD

Dirt mill

Optional for SK

Estimated capacity

Skin separators
Capacity 25 – 80 tons