Project Description

Roller inspection table

Categorie: Inspection

The Allround VP Roller inspection tables are designed for round products. This table allows you to manually select and inspect your produce in comfort.

The diameter of the rollers is 55 mm

Types and Specifications

Allround VP offers Roller inspection table in various lengths and widths, depending on the needs of the customer.

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Platform (single and double)

As the inspection tables are not always placed at the right height, Allround VP offers platforms that allow the workers to stand at the most comfortable height. The platforms are made of a mild steel painted frame with a galvanized grid for grip.

Light strip

In order to get a better view of the produce.

Aisle in the middle

In order to discart the rejected produce, Allround VP offers the possibility to opt for an isle in the middle of the roller inspection table. Produce that is discarted in the isle, can fall into a box or on an optional waste transport belt.

Waste transport belt

Produce that is rejected, and discarted into the middle isle, can be transported away by a waste transport belt.


If there is no possibility to opt for an isle, there is also the possibility to build chutes on which the rejected produce can be discarted.

Frequency inverter

An option Allround VP strongly recommends is to have a frequency inverter on the roller inspection table. With this frequency inverter, the speed of the machine can be adjusted, according to the needs at a specific time.