Potato washing, brushing and grading line (1)2019-03-09T04:30:50+00:00

Project Description

Potato washing, brushing & grading line (1)

Category: Potato lines

Potato Processing line with a washing area, brushing area and grading area.

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Estimated capacity (tons/hour)

 Product Heavy Soil LightSoil
Seed potatoes 12 15
Table potatoes 17 12

Machinary list

Machines Type
Receiving hopper ARH 160-500
Spiral roller set VS 160-6
Web belt 250-60
Waste belt TB 300-60
Product belt TB 300-60
Elevator EL 350-90
Washing machine U 500
Dryer DR 140-17
Product belt TCC 1200-80
Brusher BR 120-15
Bypass belt TB 250-80
Transport Belt TC 450-80
Infeed belt TB 150-120
Roller inspection table RI 500-120
Waste belt TB 275-40
Elevator EL 325-100
Shake grader SG 120-5
Distribution belt 1000-150
Automatic weighing machine AW 50-2
Elevator EL 450-60
Multihead weigher 2004 A (Manter)
Hand clipper HCL-912 (Manter)