Project Description

Table potato washing & grading line

Category: Potato lines

Potato Processing line with a washing area, shake grader.

Washing area contains ​a Destoner when there is a lot of dirt coming along with the produce, destoners are the ideal machines.
Also a Skin sperator that is designed to remove floating pieces from the produce. This could be for example loose pieces of skin or branches and leafs.
The washing drum of the Washing machine is designed to agitate produce in the machine. In combination with water, this process gives an optimal cleaning result.

The Allround Shake grader is designed to grade potatoes according to their square size. The potatoes are fed to the top of the machine on to the top sieve. The sieves in the machine shake in sequential frequencies, which causes the potatoes to move along on the sieves.

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Estimated capacity (tons/hour)

 Product Small Big
Seed potatoes 10 12
Table potatoes 8 10

Machinary list

Machines Type
Swan neck elevator ELK 525/100-60
Infeed belt TC 150-80
Spiral roller set VS 100-5
Waste belt TB 200-40
Brusher BR 120-15
Transport belt TC 200-80
Roller inspection table RI 400-100
Shake grader SG 80-4
Weigher AW 50-2
Transport belt TC 450-40
Swan neck elevator ELK 275-125-40
Transport Belt TC 125-40
Washing machine U 300
Dryer DR 100-17
Transport Belt TCC 850-60
Transport Belt TC 175-40
Swan neck elevator ELK 700-125-80
Storage Hopper SH 25-25-10
Elevator EL 525-80
Multihead weigher M 10 (Manter)
Rollstock bagger RSB-M (Manter)
Rollstock bagger RSB-P (Manter)