Project Description

Onion processing line A2 series (2)

Category: Onion lines

​The A2 line is the topper of the range and can do up to 8 tons per hour!

No drawing

Estimated capacity (tons/hour)

 Product Small Big
Onions 6 8
Set onions 4 4

Machinary list

Machines Type
Box tipper Z 180
Hopper B 120-450
Finger roller set VS 120-5
Waste belt TB 300-40
Product belt TB 300-60
Elevator EL 350-60
Onion topper A2 + Pregrader
Waste belt TCC 225-40
Roller inspection table RI 120-400
Waste belt TB 250-40
Infeed belt TB 100-120
Radial grader R 150-70-4
Transport belt TC 500-40
Automatic weighing machine AW 50-2
Product belt TB 300-30
Automatic weighing & bagging station BS 25
Bag receiving belt 300-100
Bag receiving belt 200-60
Palletizer VPM5
Storage box tipper SHB 160
Elevator EL 450-60
Multihead weigher 2004 A (Manter)
Hand clipper HCL-912 (Manter)