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Project Description

Onion, Carrot, Potato packaging line

Category: Packaging lines

This line is designed for Automatic Weighing, Packing & Palatalizing. Capacity of this line depends upon which weigher, packer and packing size.

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Estimated capacity (1kg-5kg, 5kg-25kg)  

*Depends upon which weigher and packer.
*Depends upon packing size.

Machinary list

Machines Type
Storage box tipper SHB 160-3
Product belt TC 500-60
Product belt TB 400-60
Roller inspection table RI 60-250
Automatic weighing & packing machine M12V + 2X clipper + RSB-M Baler
Automatic weighing & packing machine M10XLSAB
Automatic weighing & packing machine MD14XLSABMBP
Palletizer VPM10 + Wrapping machine