Project Description

leaf separator

Leaf separator

Categorie: Cleaning

The Allround Vegetable Processing Leaf Separator separates leafs from the carrots in a very careful manner. This is done by a rotating belt to which leaves attach. The rotating belt is placed at a steep angle, which causes the leaves to be transported upwards, and the heavier product to fall down.

After the products are seperated from the leafs, the product can be transported using a transport belt, or directly into an Allround machine.

Types and Specifications

LS 80-110

Total width machine 800 mm
Total length machine 1100 mm
Leaf separator LS 100

LS 100-110

Total width machine 1000 mm
Total length machine 1100 mm

LSH 200-80

Total width machine 1256 mm
Total length machine 1993 mm


Waste belt

A waste belt can be included to guide the waste to a specific point.

Estimated capacity

LS 80-110 LS 100-110