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Finger roller set

Finger roller set

Categorie: Cleaning

​​​The Allround Finger roller sets are designed to take out loose skin and dirt. This raises the capacity of the line and reduces the amount of dirt in the other machines and is the most gentle and efficient way of pre-cleaning.

Allround VP offers various different kinds of finger roller sets:

1. The stand-alone machines.
Allround VP offers stand-alone finger roller sets, which can be placed after a belt. Different sizes are available.

2. Mounted to a hopper
Allround VP also offers finger roller sets which are mounted on a hopper. The size of these finger roller sets are based on the size of the hopper.

Types and Specifications

Allround VP offers Finger roller sets in various lengths and widths, depending on the needs of the customer.



Waste belt

A waste belt can be placed under the machine to transport the dirt and skins, usually into a box.