Project Description

Drop limit box tipper

Categorie: Tipping

The Drop limit box tipper is a box tipper where the drop is limited, which leads to less damage to the product. The tilting of the box is done in three steps ;

  1. The cubic box is put into the machine, after which the crate is clamped against a cover plate.
  2. The crate is rotated 135⁰ degrees, so that the agricultural product against the cover comes to lie.
  3. After the box has been rotated, the coffin is pushed off of the cover plate. This creates a gap at the top of the crate, which makes the product rolls on the conveyor belt. The advantage of this way of tilting is that the bruising be limited and that the outflow is metered to the product.

Types and Specifications

ZD 160

Width of boxes 1600 mm
Max height 3100 mm
Height in lower position 2590 mm
Width 3000 mm
Max angle 135°
Max lifting weight ca.1500 kg



Optionally it is possible to opt for a cage around the machine, to ensure safety for the staff. The cage is a very effective safety measure.

Dosing sensor

In some cases, it is not possible for the box tipper to empty a box at once. For these situations, Allround VP offers the dosing sensor. This dosing sensor detects when the produce piles up, and when the machine will be able to empty the bunker again.

Stainless steel

Allround VP is able to make machines from Stainless Steel on demand.

Remote control