Project Description



Categorie: Cleaning

The Allround VP destoner is designed to remove​​ dirt.

When there is a lot of dirt coming along with the produce, destoners are the ideal machines. The machine can be integrated in a washing machine.

Types and Specifications

D 110

Width tank inlet 1100 mm
Height input 1400 mm
Length machine 2750 mm
Length total 3400 mm

D 150

Width tank inlet 1500 mm
Height input 1900 mm
Length machine 3650 mm
Length total 5000 mm

D 200

Width tank inlet 2000 mm
Height input 2620 mm
Length machine 4000 mm
Length total 5000 mm


Shower on product belt

If there is no washing machine in line it is wise to add an additional shower on the product belt. This shower will clean the produce from dirt and sand.

Supply pump

In case that there is no supply pump available from the water source, Allround VP is able to deliver a high-quality supply pump for the machine.


Stainless steel machine

Estimated capacity

D 110 D 150 D 200
Estimated capacity 10-15 25 45

For more specific capacity of the destoner please contact us.