Project Description

Carrot processing line 500

Category: Potato lines

This line is designed to wash carrots. The principle is that a product is placed in the hopper, which then slowly fills the elevator. This is line include the washing machine U 500. The U 500 are designed to operate with a water basin. In this water basin, the water used in the machine is recirculated to be used again.

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Estimated capacity (tons/hour)  

 Product Heavy soil light soil
Carrots 8 16
Baby carrots 6 12

Machinary list

Machines Type
Receiving hopper ARH 240-600
Spiral roller set VS 240-8
Waste belt TB 300-80
Product belt TB 300-60
Elevator EL 325-80
Wet Hopper J4T
Leaf separator LS 80-110
Waste belt TC 250-40
Product belt TC 150-80
Washing machine U 500
Chunk grader L 180-2
Waste belt TB 250-60
Selection belt TB 250-120
Reversible belt TB 250-60
Elevator EL 375-80
Polisher TD 350-18
Bypass belt TCC 775-60
Collection belt TB 350-60
Elevator EL 300-80
Double Inspection belt D 500-50++
Waste belt TB 200-60
Hydro cooler HC 200 KW
Swan neck Elevator ELK 275-100-150
Radial grader R 170-70-5 St.80
Transport belt TC 950-60
Elevator EL 300-60
Length grader L 150-2
Product belt TB 250-60
Product belt TB 350-60
Even flow hopper EF 100-0,7m3
Elevator EL 650-60
Multihead weigher M12 CA (Manter)
Vertical fill baggar VFFS
Product belt TC 850-60
Even flow hopper EF 100-0,7m3
Product belt TB 300-60
Automatic weghing, bagging & Stiching AWBS-25
Product belt TC 1100-60
Storage cum box tipper(SHB) SHB 160
Even flow hopper 0-7m3
Elevator EL 500-60
Multihead weigher M10 CA (Manter)
Roll stock bagger RSB-M (Manter)
Foil bagger (Manter)
Palletizer VPM 7 (Verbruggen)
Stand alone wrapping machine