Project Description

Brushing machine

Categorie: Cleaning

The Allround VP Brushing machine is designed to clean vegetables (onions, tomatoes and apples) and potatoes using brushes that have a wave shape. The transport in the vegetables is caused by mass. Underneath the brushes, a box or transport belt can be placed to collect the dust.

Allround VP offers brushes in various hardness, depending on the product and circumstances.

VB = Vegetable brushing machine
BR = Potato brushing machine

Types and Specifications

Brushing machine

BR/VB 60-9

Total width machine 1200 mm
Length of rollers 600 mm
Number of rollers 9
Brushing machine

BR/VB 100-13

Total width machine 1582 mm
Length of rollers 1000 mm
Number of rollers 13
Brushing machine

BR/VB 120-13

Total width machine 1816 mm
Length of rollers 1200 mm
Number of rollers 13

BR/VB 120-15

Total width machine 1833 mm
Length of rollers 1200 mm
Number of rollers 15


Waste transport belt

A waste transport belt can be fitted to transport the dust from the machine.

Machine on wheels

In some cases, it is needed to be able to transport the machine. Therefore, the machine can be fitted with wheels.

Waste box

Estimated capacity

60-9 100-13 120-15
Potatoes  6  10 10-13