Project Description

Air hatch

Categorie: Cooling equipments

Important features

  • Nearly indestructible cool door hinges
  • Hatch flap overlaps the gap in the wall to avoid thermal bridges
  • Many colors possible to fit the storage appearance.
  • Motorization by western-Europe geared motors
  • Sealing rubber can be accommodated with heating wire to avoid freezing of the flap to the frame during cold periods

Ventilation with outside air requires air inlet hatches and consequently air outlet hatches. The air inlet hatches are located near to the fans and are used to create an optimal mix between internal and external to achieve an optimal air flow to the product.
Allround produces the hatches in their own factory.

Made of:

  • Flap made of first class PIR sandwich panels
  • Very durable and weather proof sealing rubber
  • Galvanized steel frame and hatch cover

With the help of a mixing box construction around the air inlet hatch, the amount of internal and external air can be regulated. The storage controller knows the ideal conditions of the air that is required by the produce. By opening the hatches with pulses the hatch will be placed in optimal. The length of the pulse depends of the outside temperature. When it is very cold the pulse will be short to avoid too cold air entering the store.