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2010 – Allround Storage

2005 2013 2010 - Allround Storage The synergy between Allround Storage and Allround Vegetable Processing becomes more apparent. Allround as a whole is now able to supply total crop-to-shop solutions. Big projects with Storage and Processing are realized in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, India, Brazil and [...]

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2005 – India & Storage

2000 2010 2005 - India & Storage The scale enlargement in the processing of potatoes and vegetables continues. In different markets the demand for high quality packaging increases. Allround starts to work together intensively with different suppliers of weighing and packaging machines. The Hydrocooler is [...]

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2000 – Bigger Processing Lines

1995 2005 2000 - Bigger Processing Lines The concept of Allround Integrated Processing Lines is a great success. A great number of lines is sold in Europe and former Soviet countries. There seems to be a trend for bigger processing lines, markets develop and [...]

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1995 – AIPL’s

1990 2000 1995 - AIPL’s Allround is approached to develop a processing line for potatoes and vegetables. During this period, the export of hybrid seeds and modern agriculture technologies to the former Soviet Union takes a flight. The need in these countries for graded [...]

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1990 – Flower Bulbs

1980 1995 1990 - Flower Bulbs During the 1990’s Allround partially transfers the production to Poland. In the flower bulb industry there is a major switch from small casks to cubic boxes. Allround acts to this opportunity by offering machines for great value for money. [...]

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1980 – Strong Relationship

1970 1990 1980 - Strong Relationship Allround has a very strong relation with a contracting company from Schagenbrug. From this relationship a new type of harvester is developed, as well as new types of planting machines for flower bulbs. Also different large projects in Saudi-Arabia [...]

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1970 – Onions and Carrots

1960 1980 1970 - Onions and Carrots Allround takes more machines into production to process onions and carrots. Allround also exports to the former Soviet Union and the United States. Onion line were the main success in these countries. In western Europe, the company mainly [...]

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1960 – Flower Bulbs

1955 1970 1960 - Flower Bulbs The company developed a planting and harvesting machines for flower bulbs. Until that time all bulbs were harvested and planted by hand. Allround was the first company to introduce the harvesting spin to sift the soil during harvesting. The [...]

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1955 – Start of the Company

1960 1955 - Start of the company Huib Smit, the father of the current owners Huib and Gerard Smit starts his company in Grootebroek. The activities consisted of fitting motors to barges and several dealerships of different kinds of companies. Barges [...]

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